Tuesday, August 30, 2011


A FATHER four  has begun his trial for the 1993 murder of a gorgeous 19-year-old college student.
Jennifer Cusworth's battered body was found the night after she had attended a huge house party near her home in Kelowna, Canada.
But despite the length of time, cops refused to give up on catching their killer, taking over 230 DNA samples since her death and now they finally believe have their man.
Neil Snelson, a local Christian musician, who is actively involved in the First Lutheran Church and apparently matches DNA samples found at the scene.

Terry and Jean Cusworth stopped putting up a Christmas tree the year their daughter was murdered vowing 16 years ago they would hold off on their annual tradition until there was an arrest in Jennifer’s case.
Last year a tree went up.
Terry said: “It was quite emotional. We don’t have all the answers of course but we have a lot of them that we didn’t have before.”
Snelson, 43, a married father of four has denied the killing and his defenders plan to argue evidence admissibility before a judge over the next two weeks.
A jury will also be selected for the trial is expected to last for four weeks.

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