Tuesday, August 30, 2011


AS THE SEARCH for missing Missouri mom Jacque Sue Waller appears to have hit a wall, the haunting image of another missing mom is casting a long shadow. Waller--a mother of triplets--disappeared June 1 and her estranged hubby Clay is considered a person of interest. Meanwhile, the disappearance of Amanda Jones just has hit the six year mark.  Jones was 26 when she disappeared Aug. 14, 2005 just a few days before she was to give birth to a baby boy. Her car was found abandoned that day at the Jefferson Clounty Fairgrounds in Hillsboro. Her keys and cell phone were never found. Brian Westall, the man Jones said was the unborn baby's father, is still the last person known to have seen her.
Her devastated mom Berth Propst said of a drugstore video of Amanda: "A
bottle of soda, a key chain, and a can of hair spray. She always had to have her hair spray. Individuals don't remember she still hasn't been found. We still need their help; any little thing that they might have seen or heard, something minute to them, might be what it's going to take to solve this case."
Jones' family has prayed for Jacque Sue Waller's parents during their ordeal: "When I first heard about it, I thought, 'Oh my God, not another one, another family having to go through this'. I don't wish that on anybody." MORE ON AMANDA JONES

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