Monday, August 22, 2011


IN AN exclusive interview with the Jackson (Tenn.) Sun, Holly Bobo's parents described the daily nightmare they have endured since the pretty, 20-year-old nursing student vanished April 13 from her Tennessee home. It has consumed their lives. Karen Bobo said: "It's the same thing. It's like a nightmare that you live over and over every day." MORE AT OUR SISTER SITE CRIME SCENE USA

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  1. Sad to note that they found the skull of Miss Holly Bobo yesterday 9-7-14 confirmed by Tennessee Bureau 0f Investigation today 9-8-14.
    Her parents must be saddened to learn of her death but also be delighted that they have a portion of her to bury because some do not have anything (of their loved one that is missing) and wonder until their death if they are still living or dead.
    Looking at her picture she must have been a very brave person and very crauraguos. She wanted to help others and in the end someone took what have been a GREAT nurse from everybody that could have possibly known her.
    Rest in Peace Miss Holly Bobo. now that you have been found.