Monday, August 22, 2011


SHE HAS WAITED for love and justice for nearly a dozen years. Jane Doe was found dead on the morning of July 21, 1999 outside Racine, Wisconsin. She had been horribly abused and no one ever identified her. Her murder also remains unsolved.
Cops say she is white, between 18 and 30, 5'8" and 120 lbs. She had brown hair and eyes and two front teeth that slightly protruded. She had some missing and decayed teeth, her ears double pierced. Now, the grim part: Jane Doe was repeatedly tortured for up to four weeks before her death. She suffered burns and blunt force trauma to much of her body, a nose fracture, cuts to the head, abrasions to the forehead, a heavily battered left ear - often called a cauliflower ear - and showed signs of being both sexually abused and malnourished.
Det. Cary Madrigal said: "This is the case that burns in all of our minds,
because she's not identified. At the bare minimum, we want to identify her." They believe she may have been in a dysfunctional home and run away. Another theory they have is that Jane Doe is from another country.


  1. I sincerely hope this darling is identified, her killer or killers are found and that she will one day be able to rest in peace.

    This story has deeply touched my heart as I can most imagine how frightened this girl would have been whilst suffering such horrific abuse at the hands of such an awful person or people if there were more than one who I would not even consider calling human as they do not deserve that title, I wouldn't call them animals eithers because animals are much nicer and more harmless than the person (or people) who did this.

    Upon reading more about this case they say she may have had a cognitive (learning or intellectual) disability and I guess this has touched me more because I can't even begin to understand why a person or a group of people would target, rape, torture, assault, kill and eventually dump such a vulnerable member of society unless they are absolutely heartless and without a conscience.

    What makes me sick to the stomach and brings a few tears is that she may not have the mental ability to think in abstract terms or the ability to think quick to get herself out of this terrible situation, there would have been a good chance that if she did have a mental disability that she may have had the mentality of "Everyone is my friend" just because someone is nice to her and pays attention to her...her killer or killers may have done this at first and perhaps this angel trusted the wrong person without realising that she was being lured to such an awful death.

    As a person with very mild neurological and learning disabilities I must say that I am lucky enough to have the mental ability to work out when something is wrong and how to keep myself safe from danger, I am also thankful that I have had the chance to live a normal and relatively happy life but along the way I have been victimised as well but whatever I have suffered has never even come close to what this poor darling has suffered and the message I want to get out there to those with disabilities and those who love and care for them is PLEASE ascertain your loved ones ability to sense danger and their ability to keep themselves safe at all times, if your loved one lacks this ability then please teach them and if they cannot be taught then please look out for them and keep them safe.

    I really hope this girl will have the chance to rest in peace even though she has lost her chance to live her life.


  2. Although I live in another country, this case has really touched my heart. I served as a police officer for 22 years, and saw many awful things that people would do to each other, but nothing as awful as the things that were done to this poor girl. I only pray that she will one day regain her identity, and the degenerate scum that robbed her of her life is captured and faces the wrath of human justice. R.I.P.