Wednesday, August 17, 2011


HE WAS found naked, face down on top of couch pillows, gaping stab wounds splurging blood from his stomach. The cut phone cord, scattered newspapers and magazines and towels covered in human waste told cops there had been a struggle before Carroll Bonnet's brutal 1978 murder.
Then there was the puzzling note left at the scene that read, "I'm leaving this crime with only one clue. Find it yourself. Die pig. –Helter." 
But now, over three decades after the death, cops think they have solved the mysterious death and they have charged 51-year-old Jerry Watson is being charged with his murder. Using  modern DNA and fingerprint tests gave they believe a hair follicle found in one of the towels by the body could be his KPTM reports.  

Also, one of the nearby magazines had Watson's name written, then scratched out.
Bonnet's car went missing, and was eventually found in his home town of Cicero, Illinois, The Nebraska plates were replaced with ones stolen Iowa.
Watson, who is currently serving time for burglary has denied any part in the brutal killing and his lawyers are claiming that there's no record of when the car was stolen, nor the exact day that Bonnet was even killed.
They also said no murder weapon was retrieved, and multiple people had key access to the apartment, and to the car.
Cops however remain convinced he is the killer and are determined to see the case brought to trial. 

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