Thursday, September 29, 2011


SHE was a beloved grandma, known locally as the Candy Lady, because she gave out sweets and treats to the children in her Lubbock, TX neighborhood.
But Mary Wright's delightful tradition came to an end, after cops found her brutally stabbed body on her home. 
Concerned neighbors who had raised the alarm because they hadn't seen her for a few days, were stunned by the news that the popular pensioner had been taken from them.
Former city councilman T. J. Patterson, told KCBD that Davis was well known and thought of adding:
"She wasn't the mayor of Lubbock, she was just Ms. Davis, the candy lady that cared about human beings."
With no immediate leads, even from DNA processing, the case quickly went ice cold. 
A police insider revealed: "It was really frustrating. This was a senseless death of a very popular lady. There was not one person who did not want to see justice for such a heinous crime." 
But in recent months, detectives resubmitted evidence that was recovered at the original scene in hopes that advances in DNA technology would possibly open a new lead in the case.
And the results came back with a match - previously unknown suspect, Clarence Lee Hooker, 46, who was already behind bars on an unrelated charge.
As a result detectives continued the investigation using this new information and eventually were able to submit a murder charge.

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