Tuesday, September 20, 2011


FOR THE FAMILY of Lori Zimmerman the years have dragged on. The pretty 15-year-old was kidnapped on April 6, 1984. She was found raped and murdered a week later. Over the years even a psychic was brought in by the late lamented Unsolved Mysteries show. And still no arrest, although cops have persons of interest ion the radar.
When Lori did not return home that night, her mom filed a missing-person report with the Hagerstown (Maryland) Police Department. Her body was discovered a week later in a wooded area, buried under rocks and large pieces of cardboard. She had been strangled. According to the Maryland State Police, the case is stalled with no new developments. Bachtell could not say whether the investigation has used new technologies such as DNA testing of the physical evidence. Still, he stressed the case was not closed.
"We absolutely want to solve this for the community and the family," he said.

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