Thursday, September 1, 2011


IS THIS Jack the Ripper? The world's most famous cold case killer was never caught during his reign of terror in Victorian London that led to the bloody butchering of five women. More than 200 suspects have been named but to at least one Jack the Ripper scholar--a former homicide detective--German merchant Carl Feigenbaum top the table for suspects.
According to the BBC, Feigenbaum would eventually die in the electric chair for murdering his New York landlady. His lawyer suspected him of the Ripper slayings six years earlier. Trevor Marriott believes Feigenbaum is Jack the Ripper
because evidence, in the form of police documents and hundreds of letters to the authorities and newspapers, offers some clues. The identity of the man who brutally murdered five women in London's East End in autumn 1888 has remained a mystery, lost to time. But because of modern tech and Marriott's efforts we may know know what he looked like and we now know that the Ripper--long assumed to have been a doctor because of anatomical knowledge--may have also been given credit where it didn't belong.
Prison record describing Feigenbaum
Age 54. Complexion med[ium]. Eyes grey. Hair dark brown. Stature 5ft 4 1/2. Weight 126 [pounds, 57kg]. Medium sized head, hat 6 7/8 or 7. Shoes 8.
Hair grows thin on top of head. Small slim neck. Eyes small and deep-set. Eyebrows curved. Forehead high and heavily arched. Nose large, red and has raw pimples. Teeth poor + nearly all gone on left sides.
Anchor in india ink on right hand at base of thumb and first finger. Round scar or birthmark on right leg below left knee. THE FACE OF JACK THE RIPPER

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