Friday, September 2, 2011


MARINA RUGGIERO was only 20 when she was viciously murdered following a wedding in San Luis Obispo in 1991. Now, detectives have reopened the murder case that has left them stumped for 20 years. Marina and her family were visiting the California city for a friend's wedding. She left the reception to go back to her hotel room--45 minutes her sister found her stabbed to death.
Now, cops say fresh evidence has given them new hope in finally bringing the killer to justice. Det. Chad Pfarr said: "We have combed over everything. I can't even tell you how many times."  The case remains a frustrating one for cops.
Back then hotel employees recalled hearing a terrifying noise that night.

One former employee said: "There was just a definite horrid screaming when I was standing outside with Mike. It was more of a real high eerie sound and it just didn't stop, it didn't stop at all."
Pfarr added: "There's that 45-minute period of time that we don't know anything about. We're hoping now that we can talk to some of those people that saw something and didn't talk to investigators back then, that will provide us with a fresh perspective."
Marina's case is one of just two unsolved murders handled by San Luis Obispo Police. The other is Frank Gove, who was beaten to death with a bat while closing up his son's baseball card shop in 1990.

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