Tuesday, October 11, 2011


HER family have still not given up hope that something or someone will lead them to the gorgeous little girl who vanished without trace in January 1973. 
Gorgeous Anna Waters was just five-years-old when disappeared after her family left her happily playing in the backyard of their San Mateo, CA home. 
But while investigator's initially thought she may have fallen in a nearby creek, the began to suspect foul play when no trace of her was found. 
Her stepbrother told his family he remembered a strange couple driving alongside Anna, trying in vain to tempt her the kindergartener into their vehicle.
Since then, repeated appeals and an age progressed photo, have yet to reveal any results, but cops are refusing to give up hope. 
An source close to the San Mateo County Sheriff's office said: "All it takes is one little piece of information, one little clue or heaven forbid, one slip up and we'll know what happened.
"We never stop thinking about cases like this and we never give up."
If you have any information concerning Waters' whereabouts, please contact: San Mateo County Sheriff's Office on 650-364-1811.

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