Friday, October 28, 2011


A MAN who kept a woman's body hidden in a storage unit refused to take a lie detector test after his girlfriend went missing, a retired detective revealed yesterday.
As we reported here Frank Julian's relatives found the hidden corpse in an unplugged freezer, when they were cleaning up after his death.
Cops now suspect it may be the body of his on again, off again girlfriend, Kitty Wardwell, who vanished in July 1983, aged just 29.
Joe Zamboni who worked the case, is convinced that Julian will be posthumously branded a killer, as he was always the chief suspect when he was alive, saying his story about going with Wardwell to Salem, N.H., having a fight and then leaving her behind at a motel didn't  add up.
He told the Bangor Daily News: "The last person who saw them alive, you have to look at them very closely. That's common sense. You don't have to be a homicide investigator to figure that out.

"The impression I got from him was that he didn't really care."
He added that Julian had also refused a lie detector test, but it had been difficult to advance the investigation because there was no body and no crime scene. 
After Wardwell's disappearance, Julian put the episode behind him, buying wholesale items and selling them at a succession of variety stores.
His sons still operate two stores in Lewiston and Auburn and have refused to comment.

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