Thursday, October 6, 2011


DOES A killer have a conscience? That's what Edward Harold Bell wants us to believe. Now serving a 70-year sentence for murdering a Houston-area Marine vet in 1978, Bell has come forward asking for immunity and ready to plead on the murders of as many as 11 young girls in the Houston-Galveston area in the early to mid 1970s. Among the suspect victims are, Sharon Shaw, pictured left, and Rhonda Johnson, right. According to the Houston Chronicle six different agencies: the Harris County Sheriff's, the Pasadena PD, the Galveston PD, the Galveston County Sheriff's, the Brazoria County Sheriff's Office and
the Harris County DA - said theywill reopen files to determine if evidence could corroborate or disprove Bell’s claims.
In his interview with the Chronicle, Bell provided detailed descriptions of at least four young females between the ages of 12 and 19 that he claims to have kidnapped and murdered from Brazoria, Harris or Galveston counties. The killer previously told cops he would hunt in his 1977 GMC truck carrying two guns, porn mags and a 32 AA bra. In 1978, cops busted Bell for shooting Larry Dickens, a Pasadena Marine Veteran, when he attempted to stop Bell as he masturbated in front of a group of girls.MORE ON EDWARD HAROLD BELL

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