Monday, October 3, 2011


A CONVICTED killer now faces charges in a 1996 Alaska cold case. Alaska State Police say a grand jury has indicted 50 year-old Robert D. Kowalski, 50,  on Friday, charging him with first and second-degree murder. In the July 1996 murder that happened at Glacier Bear Lodge in Yakutat, Sandra Perry, 39, was shot in the head. The pair were living common-law in Washington state and were in Alaska on vacation, cops say. Kowalski, then 34, claimed the couple heard a bear outside and when he got a shotgun, he tripped onto the bed and fell onto Perry. He told authorities that as he was getting up, the gun accidentally went off, shooting Perry in the head. But a man in the next room heard the poaiur arguing viciously before the gun went off. The cold case unit re-examined the case after Kowalski was convicted in 2008 of killing his girlfriend in Montana with a single shot to the head. MORE IN THE ALASKA DAILY NEWS


  1. Wow. Great detective work on Alaska's part. (not).

  2. I just now became aware of the serial killer Robert Kowalski. He's gross in many ways. The fact that he was free to begin with is disgusting. My heart goes out to families and friends of those he murdered.