Friday, August 26, 2011


THREE decades after his naked body was found dead of a single stab wound, with a taunting note left for cops, justice has finally been served on his killer.
A jury took just a few hours to convict Jerry Watson, now 52 of first degree murder for the weird 1978 murder of the 61-year-old hospital worker.
At the time of the killing, the 19-year-old Watson left a puzzling note which said: "I'm leaving this crime with only one clue. Find it yourself. Die pig. –Helter." 
And after getting away with his crime for 33-years Watson must have thought that he'd gotten away with his crime but the Omaha Police Department's cold case unit, began investigating the case again.

Detectives identified pieces of evidence to submit for DNA testing, including a hair found on a towel with fecal matter that was left next to Bonnet's body.
Eventually police matched fingerprints left at Bonnet's apartment and in his car to Watson.
Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine said the hair on the towel was key to tying Watson to the murder because it proved that he was in the apartment.
 He told The Omaha World Herald: “This is extremely satisfying. There was a lot of hard work put into this case.”

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