Wednesday, August 3, 2011


June 26, 1998 – a day like any other when doting mom, Debra Sue Murray, left her Chandler, Arizona home on her way to work. Murray, a hard-working manager at a local Jack-in-the-Box restaurant, left at 4:30 that morning to get the restaurant ready for the busy day ahead. Murray however, would never make it to the restaurant.
Just as she closed the front door of her house, she was gunned down. Murray was shot several times in the chest, and died at the scene. Cathy Peterson – a nanny to Debra’s son called the cops when she heard the gunfire. When detectives arrived at the scene they found Murray lying in a pool of blood.
They also discovered that there were signs of forced entry and things taken from the garage. Investigators quickly established however that the forced entry was in fact a ruse – an attempt to make detectives believe that the
murder occurred during an interrupted burglary. Instead, detectives believe that Murray was the target of a deliberate and calculated hit. Chandler Police Detective Gary Fuller is still haunted by the case.
He said: "She didn't think this would be any different from any other day, but she walked out to be executed. And she left behind that young son." To date no arrests have been made in the case. An award is on offer for information leading to an arrest. Her son Tim is now 25.

If you think you can help please call the Chandler police Criminal Investigations Section at (480) 782-4400

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