Tuesday, August 9, 2011


THE BRUTAL 1984 slaying of schoolgirl Tina Faelz has finally been solved after 27 years, cops say.
More than a quarter-of-a-century ago the 14-year-old's body was found viciously stabbed over 15 times near a dark culvert, which she had used as a shortcut home from school in Santa Cruz, CA. Yet despite huge community outcry and massive investigation by police, no one was ever charged with her murder. But now police believe that thanks to new DNA technology they have caught their killer - a fellow pupil at the time, Steven John Carlson, now 43. Carlson, who would have been 16 at the time of the murder, was
a schoolmate of Faelz at  Foothill High School and he was questioned at the time but later released.
Now living as a transient, with no fixed address, his DNA was in the system after a series of minor crimes, which matches that found at the scene of the crime.     
Pleasanton police Capt. Craig Eicher was a senior at Foothill High when Tina Faelz's body was found told the Mercury News that there was a lot of fear in the community at the time.
He said: "I think there are a lot of folks who will have a big sigh of relief now that this suspect will be brought to justice."
Tina's mother, Shirley Orosco, who still lives in Pleasanton, declined to comment Monday, but in a 2005 interview with the paper she revealed that about a month before her death, Tina was having problems with some kids at school and had stopped riding the bus home. 
She said: "I would like to see whoever did this pay for it. I lost a daughter."
It appears she will get her wish. 

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