Tuesday, August 2, 2011


FOR ALMOST 20 years the cold case murder has vexed the FBI and local law enforcement. Just days before Christmas, Christy Ann Mirack was raped and murdered. It was Dec. 21, 1992 and the pretty young teacher in Lancaster, PA. was looking forward to the break--even though she loved her job.
Her brother Vince said: "Since she was a little girl, that's all she wanted to do. Be a school teacher. She loved the kids. I just know that she always liked to put a smile on their faces. She enjoyed teaching the kids."
On that sad December day in 1992, the dedicated teacher failed to show up for work. When her boss went to check on her, he was sickened. She had been beaten strangled and raped. No signs of forced entry.  According to cops, there was no shortage of persons of interest. It's believed the crime was committed
by a white male driving a white vehicle with black louvers covering the rear window--possibly a Dodge Daytona.
 According to a local paper: The family's main goal has been to keep the story in the public's eye. The family went so far as to set up a billboard in Lancaster. In 2007, Vince set up a Web site, www.lindyandchristy.com, dedicated not only to his sister's murder, but to the murder of another young woman in Lancaster, Lindy Biechler, who was killed in her apartment Dec. 5, 1975.
Vince adds: "Somebody knows something."
Anyone who has information on the case is asked to call East Lampeter Township Police at (717)291-4676. A $10,000 reward is offered.

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