Thursday, October 27, 2011


A VICIOUS thief who strangled a 79-year-old senior to death and killer her dog, during a deadly 2002 home invasion, has pleaded guilty to her murder.
Kathleen White’s body was discovered found stuffed inside her car’s trunk in her garage during a welfare check. 
The widow’s only companion, a poodle, had also been killed and left inside the Irving, TX home, cops said.
But for over eight years, investigators were baffled by the gruesome crime until DNA matched evidence gathered at White’s home.
They picked up 49-year-old Michael Nadeau in an El Paso homeless shelter and charged him with capital murder.
But rather than face the death penalty, he pleaded guilty in exchanged for a life sentence. 
White’s neighbors told Fox4 they are glad to finally have closure in the case.
Anna Ayala said: “That’s something good to know, and that gives us a sigh of relief that they did finally find the person that did this to her.
"Everybody had alarm systems put in because of that. It was scary because we didn’t know who it was that did it.”

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