Tuesday, October 18, 2011


A PIECE of cheese helped cops finally catch up with the brothers who viciously battered and strangled an senior back in 1984.
Cops had long suspected Brian McBenge, now 49, in the horrific murder of Eleonara Knoernschild, 84, but at the time there was insufficient evidence to charge him with the heinous crime in St Charles, MO.    
Investigators had long suspected there was an accomplice involved, but with little to go on the case soon went cold and no charges were ever filed.
But now thanks to a bite into a piece of cheese, they finally got their man, after DNA testing linked not only him, but his brother Cecil, now 46, to the murder.
Authorities said: "The piece of cheese had been bit into," adding that Cecil's DNA was on a pair of her stockings.
Knoernschild's daughter, Doris Wines told KSDK that she was glad that the people believed responsible had finally been arrested adding that she had thought that probably wouldn't happen after so many years.
She added: "They'll get their justice now."
 St. Charles Prosecutor Jack Banus also told the station: "There was not sufficient evidence to charge Brian McBenge at that time.
"We had never known who was with Brian, although the evidence was consistent with someone being present at the time the homicide occurred until recently when we got the DNA evidence that came back and identified Brian and his brother, Cecil."

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