Wednesday, October 12, 2011


MICHAEL GEORGE is guilty. The accused Comic Book Store Killer was convicted in Macomb County, Michigan yesterday of first-degree murder in the July 13, 1990 death of his wife Barbara who was found shot to death. The largely circumstantial case was sealed by a customer's chance call to the comic book store on the day of the murder. According to The Detroit News: Michael Renaud, a regular customer, claimed George took a phone call at the store just before the slaying July 13, 1990. George's mother, Janet, said he was asleep on her couch at the time.
"Comparing Renaud's timetable with Janet George — the jury spent an awful lot of time on that," said George's attorney, Carl Marlinga. "Those were the issues they felt were key."
It was always believed that George didn't like the fact that his wife had gotten fat and he was carrying on an affair with a store employee who later became his wife. With the insurance money he hoped to become the McDonalds of comic book impresarios.
Barbara George's brother Joe Kowynia told the News: "He thought he could get away with murder, and it didn't work — twice. Now that this is over, our family can go on with our lives, and Barb can rest in peace. He can rot in jail." MORE ON COMIC BOOK MURDER

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