Monday, October 10, 2011


        ON JULY 11, 1978 Sherri Lynne Taylor, 15, pictured center, got ready for her summer job on the Biloxi Strip on the Gulf of Mexico in Mississippi. She never arrived at work. Sherri was murdered in the mobile home trailer she shared with her dad at the Sea and the Sand. Her killer has never been caught but now cops they can develop a DNA profile of the killer from 33 year-old evidence.
Det. Michael Brown said: “The FBI Crime Lab examined the evidence back then and found nothing to identify a suspect. We believe technology that wasn’t available then can help us solve the crime now.”
Sherri was stabbed multiple times, including one to each eye, and was sexually assaulted, cops say. The wounds in the pretty teen's eyes tell
cops she knew her killer. Brown said: “The manner of death tells us the person who killed her knew the victim very well."
Her sister Stephanie Taylor said: “She was so outgoing. If she were alive today, she may have been the one who rented catamarans out on the beach or worked with tourists." MORE ON SHERRI LYNNE TAYLOR


  1. Solved by Biloxi Police. The DNA was a match to her father.

  2. That is beyond disgusting. Poor child.