Tuesday, October 18, 2011


IT WAS the end of a long life and Kitty Hodges had something to say on her death bed. It was 1994 and she drifted in an out of consciousness. And that's when she told her granddaughter Becky Herrera a bizarre tale of murder. She had been stunning once but the last years had been hard, living in squalor with a staggering 87 cats. In the end, all she wanted was for Becky to pray for her soul.
FLASHBACK: 1971. A person hiking in the open and rolling desert near Baker stumbled across some old bones — a piece of skull, two thighs, a jaw fragment. They belonged to an adult female.
Four years later, Liskie T. "Terry" Mabry a career criminal and Kitty's onetime husband confessed to murdering a woman in 1946. The way Terry told it, Kitty
had caught him sleeping nude with another woman — a beautiful Texan named Beddie Walraven, then 27. Mabry said Kitty was so enraged that she put a bullet in the back of the sleeping Walraven's head. Then, Mabry claimed, he and Kitty buried the body in the unforgiving Mojave Desert.
 And that where the mystery stood for decades--until now. MORE IN THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER

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