Saturday, October 15, 2011


THE SISTER of a Texas teen, who's severely beaten body was found wrapped in a blue moving blanket with a single gunshot wound to her head is refusing to give up.
Back in 1984 Helen Marie Kilgore's death shocked the Corpus Christi, TX community and left her sister Kelly devastated.
But 27-years on, this week after gaining approval to erect a cross and plaque at the spot where she was found, her sister Kelly vowed to keep her sister's memory alive.
She also told KWTX that she's hoping to bring attention to the case in hopes of providing investigators with new evidence that might lead them to the girl's killer.
Another relative told the station: "She's refusing to give up. Somebody must know something about what happened to poor Helen and we're still hoping that even after all this time we will get a break in the case." 
Bosque County investigator Clint Pullin reopened the case at the beginning of the year and believes he is making some progress.
He said: "It's an old cold case, but I've been working on it very hard since the first of the year."
He added that investigators believe she may have been killed elsewhere, put into the trunk of a car and later dumped along the road in Bosque County.
While Texas Rangers did identify a suspect at the time, a Bosque County grand jury declined to indict him, but Pulling declined to say whether the focus of the case was on him.


  1. Helen's' memory is still alive in the hearts of her classmates after so many years. I hope and pray that justice be served and peace for her family comes soon. No family should ever have to endure such a senseless, tragic loss of a loved one at such a young age. The news of Helen's death still saddens me to this day. I'm so proud of you Kelly for persevering on this painful journey. God bless you and your family...Helen will never be forgotten.


  2. So sad. But thirty years to late. I, too, pray for justice for her and her family.