Tuesday, October 25, 2011


IT'S 21years since Paige Renkoski vanished but cops are still determined to find out why she mysteriously disappeared.

Back in 1990 the 30-year-old was last seen on the Interstate near her DeWitt Township, MI, home talking to a man.
But while cops found her unlocked 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass in the same location, with the engine running and the headlights on.
Her shoes and purse were still inside the vehicle, but since then there has been no sign of the substitute teacher.  But a cold case team is refusing to give up and have now developed three new suspect sketches in the hope that they will jolt someone's memory and help them unlock the case. 

Team member Mike Frayer told the Detroit Free Press: "Somebody out there knows something."
The first is based on a tip from a now-retired Michigan State Police intelligence officer is considered "extremely credible" and a second sketch based on a tip from a woman resembles a former truck driver serving time in New York for four murders.
Investigators are hoping to compare the truck driver's palm print, which was taken after his arrest, with palm prints found on Paige Renkoski's vehicle.
Described by Frayer as "spookier," Frayer said, explaining how a saleswoman who worked for a photographer accepted a ride from a Hispanic trucker after her vehicle broke down on the same part of the Interstate 96 about six months before Renkoski went missing.
She told officers that once she got into the cab of the semi, the trucker told her: "This is the biggest mistake you ever made."
But Frayer explained:  "She thought fast on her feet. She clutched her purse and told him that she traveled a lot and she carried a firearm in her purse. He kicked her out. That may have saved her life."
The third tip comes from a male accountant he told police he  noticed a black male with an "old, beaten car" flashing a police badge at him in an attempt to get him to stop on the expressway, investigators said.
"We feel guardedly optimistic," Frayer said about the investigation thus far. "We're establishing more of a foundation." If you have information for the cold-case team, call the Sheriff's Department at (517) 546-2440.

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