Thursday, September 29, 2011


On August 9, 1974, Mary Ann Pryor, age 17, of North Bergen, New Jersey, right,  planned on going to the Garden State Plaza Mall with her friend, Lorraine Marie Kelly, 16. At about 4:30 p.m., the two girls were dropped off at a Ridgefield, New Jersey bus stop by Lorraine’s boyfriend. It was assumed that the girls would then take a bus to the mall. However, this was not confirmed and the girls, both students at North Bergen High School, were known to be regular hitchhikers. Mary Ann Pryor was last seen wearing bell bottom pants with patches and a halter top. She was also wearing a necklace with a gold cross. Neither girl returned home that evening. On August 14, 1974, the bodies of Mary Ann Pryor and Lorraine Kelly were found lying in a wooded area behind Rolling Ridge Road in Montvale, New Jersey. They had been raped, beaten and strangled. Their ankles bound. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office or Sgt. Russ Christiana at 1-201-226-5677.

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