Thursday, November 17, 2011


SHE was a beloved mother of four young kids who was found executed in dense woods near her home.
But nearly four years after her 2008 murder a dark cloud remains over her memory as her killer's have yet to face justice for the horrific crime near Hawkins, WI.
Her sister Jane told WSAW: "We were celebrating her birthday when she didn't show up. So we were desperately worried about her.
"She was loving mom and a devoted daughter and sister. We were so scared. If anyone know's anything we'd urge them to come forward." 
Taylor County Detective Steve Bowers said that the web of clues scattered around the forest spelled out the clear message that the killing was not a random act.
He said: “Evidence we found at the scene indicated that she had been shot at least two, if not four times by a 357 revolver. She had then been transported from the scene."Her body was left in a rural location in Sawyer County and the vehicle was left at a different location."
He added: "On arrival officers noted there was a pan that appeared to have been cooking for a lengthy period of time and the purse that Jean Viken normally took with her everywhere was also in the house."
Her body was discovered by fishermen.  
At the time there were persons of interest in the case, but to date no arrests have been made
Authorities say just one tip could help in making an arrest. If you have any information please call the Taylor County Sheriff's Department at 715-748-2200.

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