Wednesday, November 16, 2011


SHE WAITED more than 17-years for justice but Becky Bornhoft has finally seen her rapist jailed for the vicious attack.
Back in 1995 she was fast asleep in bed when a loud crash on her door woke her up.
She said: "It was only a second or two before he entered my bedroom.
Smashing her in the head, he put his weight on her and forced her to disarm the home alarm which was blaring after his crude break in.
Then he attacked.  
She recalled:  "I checked out" mentally during the assault."
When she came back to herself, she was crouching on the floor in her closet -- and found that her attacker pushed a dresser in front of the closet door.
Pushing her way out, she went to her car and it was only then that she realized she had no clothes on and went back inside back in.  
"Mentally, you're just broken," Bornhoft said of the aftermath.
She also suffered severe arm and shoulder soreness, loose teeth and cuts on her neck and the top of her head.
But it was the fear that took the longest time to overcome, especially as her attacker remained at large, despite a huge police investigation.
But in January 2009, they got the break they needed when Byron Gay was caught trying to break into the home of a Denver police lieutenant.
The officer's daughter was home alone , started to go upstairs and saw him in the living room, wearing a ski mask.
She silently went downstairs, hid under a pile of laundry and called 911.
If someone is charged with a felony, the defendant's DNA goes into the database and that matched samples taken from her attack.
First Gay was tried in the burglary case -- and sentenced to 48 years.
Then the three sexual assault cases were combined so the victimes would have to testify only once.
And despite his attempts to stare down them and their supporters in the courtroom, he was convicted and sentenced to life. 

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