Monday, November 14, 2011


SHE was a popular TV news anchor who simply vanished one morning in a mystery which has baffled cops and the general public for more than 16-years.
Cops believe there was a struggle before Jodi Huisentruit disappeared as her car keys were left in the parking lot along with a single shoe.
But although they suspect foul play may have been involved, no body has ever been found for the KIMT reporter, although she was legally declared dead in 2001.
Now a new book from former fellow TV personality Beth Bednar is raising new questions about the disturbing case and she's accusing cops in Mason City, IA, of not investigating properly.
She told KEYC that Dead Air:  The Disappearance of Jodi Huisentruit includes new leads which investigator's have yet to follow up.
She said: "I remember hearing about the case.  I followed a lot of the media as well, and her sister actually lived next door to my grandmother.
"I think someone knows something, I think perhaps more than one knows a lot more than they are telling. There are certain things that I wrote about in the book that the police never investigated adequately."
She also claims to have interviewed a woman who claimed she was in the vicinity at the time when Huinsentruit went missing and claimed to have relevant information to the case adding that supposed information was never followed up on by police.
She said: "It was a curious amount of secrecy in Mason City when I was talking to people about her disappearance, it is still very hush hush."
She also hopes information in this book will shed light on the case and play a role in reopening it.

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  1. This may sound crazy but people in Brooklyn Ia say John Vansice burried her in the addition at the lake house he owned then moved to arizona who knows that is small town talk. They said he hardly ever worked on that addition till all of this took place and then hes gone. But you know how small town gossip goes.