Friday, November 4, 2011


A VICIOUS rapist, who played the good Samaritan before violently attacking a woman has been busted more than three years on from the vicious crime, cops say.
Manuel McGee allegedly promised to help direct her to Federal Boulevard in Denver, CO, but instead he led her into a secluded park, where he raped her.
Grabbing her neck he violently threw her to the ground and announced that he was, "going to f**k her and kill her." 
The woman told cops she was choked five or six times, nearly losing consciousness, during which time he ripped off her pants and underwear and raped her for an estimated 30 minutes. 
Thankfully he didn't carry out the second part of his threat and instead he grabbed her wallet and purse and left.   
For three-years her attacked evaded justice, but now cops think they have their man after DNA found at the 2008 scene matched Mcgee's.
Late last month he was busted for aggravated motor vehicle crime - a felony theft which requires cops to take a DNA sample.
Denver District Attorney’s spokeswoman Lynn Kimbrough told CBS Denver: "He had to give his DNA up at the time of that felony arrest, it went in to the database and Denver detectives received word that there was a DNA match."
She added: “I think it has come as quite a surprise,” she said. “She is working through that now with her family and her support system."
McGee is now facing charges of attempted first degree murder, sexual assault and unlawful sexual contact, in addition to the charges from the Lakewood auto theft case. 

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