Friday, November 11, 2011


HIS stabbing was so vicious that the knife used had been bent to a 90-degree-angle, but despite cops spending thousands of hours trying to solve the murder, his killer remains at large.
So after trying everything including extensive DNA testing, cops are appealing for the public's help to bring Richard Finney's killer to justice.
The 75-year-old traveling salesman was found in Escondido, CO, apartment on November 13, 1986, and the killer, who entered through an unlocked front door, stole cash, a Masonic ring and toiletries.  
Chuck Gaylor, a cold case homicide investigator and retired Escondido detective sergeant said they'd hoped the murderer's bloody palm print on a wall would lead them to him.
But to no avail.
He said: “We are hoping someone will come forward with a name, a suspect. In four years of reworking this case, we’ve spent hundreds if not thousands of hours trying to figure out who murdered Richard Finney.
“It’s a detective’s dream with the palm print evidence with a DNA profile of the victim and the suspect. But it’s a nightmare because we don’t have a name. That’s why we need the public’s help.”
Finney’s daughter, Bea Turi, said she is grateful for the “diligent” efforts by police.
The 72 told the San Diego Union Tribune that her brother died without knowing what happened to their father, “and that bothered him to the end, and I hope it doesn’t happen to me, too.”
Turi said her father’s violent death is especially disturbing for her because he was charming and outgoing with strangers.
Through Crime Stoppers, police are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to a suspect. Gaylor said he hopes that people come forward and give their name and contact information, but tipsters may remain anonymous. To report information on this case, call Gaylor at (760) 839-4929 or the anonymous tip line at (760) 743-8477, or go to

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