Wednesday, November 23, 2011


THE MYSTERIOUS crook who pulled off America's biggest hijacking may have released a memoir, taunting authorities about his audacious crime.  
The newly unearthed autobiography, tauntingly called "HA-HA-HA" has a drawing of a man in a suit holding a briefcase while parachuting from a jet.  
The author claims to be D.B Cooper - the name given by the mystery passenger who escaped with $200,000 during the 1971 crime.  As we reported here the man waited until the Northwest Orient Airlines 727 flight took off before the man who gave his name as Dan, handed a flight attendant a note: 'Miss, I've got a bomb, come sit next to me — you're being hijacked.'
He then opened a briefcase that appeared to contain explosives and demanded $200,000 and parachutes.
With little choice officials met his demands when the plane landed at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, where passengers and two flight attendants were released.
The man in 18F then ordered the flight crew to take the plane back into the air, insisting that it fly at an altitude of no more than 10,000 feet on its way to Mexico through Reno, Nevada.
About 40 minutes after take-off, a signal light in the cockpit showed that the plane's rear stairway had been extended and when the jet landed in Reno, the stairs were down and two parachutes, the money and Cooper were gone.
Within the book's 330 pages, the author recounts his life prior to the hijacking, as a failed real-estate developer, heavy drinker and petty thief.
He explains how he pulled off the heist on November 24, 1971 - in part by having rented a house and a gassed car nearby where he landed near Pyramid Lake - and says he invested his ransom money in Boeing and silver, becoming very wealthy as a result.
The 1983 book from a Jefferson, Oregon publisher called Signum Books Ltd originally sold for $3.95, although a recent search by the outlet found only three copies for sale to date - each for around $30. 
The back cover features a graphic of a certificate announcing a contest called 'Your Big Score'.
The certificate's first sentence reads: 'It's true. In this book are seven clues. By reading it carefully and discovering the clues, one could receive as much as $200,000 in twenty dollar bills.'
With so little known about the hijacker some believe the hijacker may have died following the 10,000 leap.
But no body has ever been found and few other signs of his fate have been discovered, so he continues to remain a mystery.

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