Monday, November 7, 2011


THE ELDERLY fugitive who was busted for killing her husband more than 40 years after he died has had all the charges against her dropped.
As we reported here beck in 1970, Mary Rivera, now 76, was accused of killing her husband by "throwing hot grease on him and by throwing other substances and liquids."     
But after posting the $10,000 bond she fled from her Houston home with her three children, including twin sons, and eventually made her way to Lake Park, GA, near the Florida border.
Hiding in plain sight, she appeared to have evaded justice, until late last month, when she was picked up by the Harris County Cold Case team.
A spokesman said at the time: "The defendant was charged with committing a rather brutal murder of her husband. 
"Although she was able to elude authorities for over 40 years, she ultimately must face judgment in a court of law for the murder of her husband."
But now a judge has dismissed the charges because too much time had elapsed between when Rivera was indicted and when she was arrested, her lawyer has said. 
No word on when Rivera will return to Georgia

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