Thursday, September 8, 2011


DETECTIVES in Texas have found an Oklahoma City connection to the three decade old cold case killing of businessman Francisco "Frank" Narvaez. Narvaez, 42, was found stabbed to death on Sept. 30, 1983 in a Denton, Texas hotel. His car--a 1983 gray Oldsmobile Cutlass--was later found abandoned in Oklahoma City. Det. Kevin Smith said: “We feel strongly that the suspect has ties to the area where the vehicle was left. We hope to generate some interest in the
case; hopefully generate some leads.”
But so far it was been almost 28 years of dead ends, DNA came back empty. Cops believe Narvaez was stabbed about 1 a.m. in his room at a Holiday Inn and the killer then fled to Oklahoma. The car was found four hours after investigators believe Narvaez was killed. Smith said that was enough time to drive from Denton to Oklahoma City. A witness told cops at the time he heard suspicious noises outside his residence in the 5700 block of NE 138 between 4 and 4:30 a.m. on Sept. 30, 1983. About 8 a.m. he saw the vehicle parked across the street from his residence. Waitresses in the Holiday Inn cafe told police they saw Narvaez having breakfast with an unknown man the day before his body was discovered. That man has never been found. Smith added: “We believe that may be a potential suspect in the case."
Anyone with information is encouraged to call Denton police at (940) 349-7912.

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