Tuesday, September 20, 2011


TIME and technology finally provided the key to unlocking a cold blooded murder almost three decades old.
Cops say that fingerprint analysis has finally linked Shawn Marsh to the brutal 1983 killing of Rodney Wyman, 29, and his hotel roommate.
They added that they were settling in for the night when one of them heard a noise in the back of the bedroom.
When Wyman approached the door, a gunman flung it open and shot him through the heart.
As Wyman staggered across the room and out of the front door, Marsh threw the roommate and screamed: "Where's the money," before kicking him in the neck and head.
Picking up the TV, its tamper alarm alerted the front office who ran round to find Marsh and gunman fleeing.    
For almost 30-years he appeared to have gotten away with it.
But when he was recently arrested for an undisclosed crime, his fingerprints were entered into a nationwide database containing more than 100 million samples.
His prints matched those taken 28 years ago from Room 74.
He is pleading not guilty.
A man who identified himself as Marsh’s uncle told The Boston Globe before the arraignment that his nephew is being framed and that he had nothing to do with the crime.
While technological advancements have proven to be great tools in crime fighting, Middlesex District Attorney Gerard T. Leone Jr. made solving cold cases a top priority when he took office in 2007, authorities said.

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