Wednesday, September 14, 2011


SHE WAS only four when her beloved sister was raped and murdered. That's 41 years ago now and Virginia Davis is still waiting for justice in the slaying of Donna I. Willing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on February 26, 1970. Donna went to get some bread from Grebe's Bakery and she never came home.
Virginia told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: "I remember my mom saying she had to go before it gets dark. She must have told her four times. I just kept asking her to read one more story." Donna read one last page, then headed from their house near N. 33rd and W. Lloyd streets to Grebe's Bakery a few blocks away. Donna Willing was found less than two hours later, face
down beneath a car in a garage on N. 51st St. Her body was scraped and bruised and bloodied. She'd been raped and strangled. But despite a massive effort to find the killer, none was ever found. Now, Milwaukee police are once again investigating the murder of Donna Willing, in large part because of Davis who begged them to look into it. Det. Katherine Hein said: "There are some good suspects. Maybe we can appeal to their sense of decency, if there's such a thing anymore. Or maybe their guilt." MORE ON THE DONNA WILLING MURDER

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