Wednesday, September 14, 2011


COPS IN Ohio have cracked a 36-year-old unsolved homicide thanks to our new friend, MR. DNA. Robert W. Meyer, aka Creepy Bob, 71, of Cincinnati was arrested and charged with the March 9, 1975 murder of Karen Adams, who was just 17. Karen Adams left her home in Whitehall - east of Columbus, 130 miles from Cincinnati - to go a few blocks to a friend's house. But she never made it. Her body was found the next day in a ditch and the case went cold fast. Franklin County Det. Zach Scott said detectives looked at the case again and, in December, discovered semen in the girl's underwear from 36 years ago. They sent it away for DNA analysis and they got a hit.
It belonged to Meyer, who was 34 at the time of Adams' sex slaying. Meyer and Adams didn't know each other until that night. Meyer, apparently a real prince, was convicted of murder in 1963 for beating a man to death with a hammer and spent 10 years in prison. And, in 1975, Meyer and another man kidnapped and raped another woman and were sent to prison for 25 years. He was released in 2001. That's when officials took Meyer's DNA and ordered him, as a convicted sex offender, to report his address to authorities for the next 10 years. COPS CRACK 1975 KAREN ADAMS MURDER

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