Wednesday, September 14, 2011


HE was a hero Army Veteran and youth mentor with big plans to go to law school.  
But then John Ray's life was tragically cut short, when he was viciously beaten, stabbed multiple times in the head and chest and then tied up and left to die in his South Atlanta home.
The 32-year-old's car and electronics were taken, but despite a large investigation at the time, the case quickly went cold.
Now thanks to a DNA match investigators believe they’ve found the man responsible – just before he may have managed to elude them a second time.
Torico Jackson has a long criminal history and was nearing the end of a prison sentence for a 2008 armed robbery.
Now he'll be held on murder charges.
Detective David Quinn told the Atlanta Journal Constitution: "That same individual escaped capture that night within two miles of the crime scene, less than eight hours after the time John Ray was last seen alive.
“It’s just a coincidence that we were working this case, and we find out where he is.”
On the night of the murder Torico had crashed the car, not far from Ray's home and investigator's were able to match the blood found on the dashboard with Torico. 
A recent swab of DNA from Jackson from prison to confirm that they had a match.
A trial date has yet to be set.

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