Tuesday, November 15, 2011


AGE 12
SHE was a naughty, grounded, 12-year-old girl when she vanished without trace back in October 2002.
Today she would be 21, but the mystery surrounding her disappearance remains.
Investigators once believed Katie Seefeldt may have run away, but but now after what officers are calling a credible tip in the case deputies have begun searching for bones.
The night of her disappearance Katie answered the phone and told the whoever it was at the end of the line: "You guys know I can't have phone calls this late, and if you continue to call me, my mom is going to keep me grounded longer."
Her mother Sholly Seefeldt said when she woke up the next morning, her daughter and a lot of her new clothes were gone.
Sholly told KMBC: "She was very outgoing and loving," adding that knew her daughter was also pushing the boundaries.
"I wanted her not to be the wild child that I was, which she kind of resented me for that."
For some time deputies had thought she had run away from her Kansas City, MO, home but now they're digging for bones.
They have been searching the general area for a couple of weeks and have narrowed their search to more specific spots, digging about 18 inches into the soil for bones or other clues.
Sholly added: "I had a bad feeling in my gut. There was nothing really bad between us.
I love her with all my heart, with all my soul," 
Anyone who knows anything about her whereabouts is asked to call the Jackson County Sheriff's Office at 816-524-4302 or the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS.

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