Saturday, April 23, 2011


ONE PART of a grisly puzzle has been solved by a Missouri cold case detective. The bones of a victim of an unsolved homicide that had been missing for many years were finally discovered at the University of Arkansas where they were being used in class.
According to cops, Det. Lorie Howard reopened the cold case of a Jane Doe whose decomposed body was found at an abandoned house near Pineville, 1990.
Evidence included clothing, shoes and bindings found with the body but not the skeleton, which had been sent to the U of A 20 some years ago. The plan was to get an anthropologist to give cops more clues as to the identity of Jane Doe. But the bones had been forgotten.
According to Fox News: The cold case was becoming colder until recently, when the anthropologist's successor discovered that some bones the school had been using as teaching aids were those Howard had been searching for.
The good news is the bones still had identifying marks and the skull's teeth matched a cast made of the victim's teeth after the body was found. DNA testing had previously been carried out on one of the victim's fingernails but Howard was hopeful the bones would offer more conclusive results.
"But now I've got a femur, which is your best source of DNA," Howard told a local newspaper. "And I've got teeth, which have pulp, which could be another good source of DNA."

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