Saturday, April 23, 2011


THE long arm of the law eventually caught up with a 77-year-old man for a quadruple murder of several young women more than 30-years ago.
Joseph Naso is now likely to spend his twilight years behind bars for the murders of Roxene Roggash, Pamela Parsons, and Tracy Tofoya, and Carmen Colon. So cunning was the killer that some of their bodies weren't found until years later, but now after decades of investigation, officers finally believe they have got their man.    

Naso, 77, was arrested Monday just after serving an unrelated year-long stint in jail for grand theft at a grocery store.
While cops remained tight lipped about the case they believe sick writings and photos found in Naso’s home tie him to the murders of the young women.

Chris Perry, director of the Nevada Department of Public Safety, will not dismiss the possibility that more have died at Naso’s hands.
He told CNN: “We're hoping that people who have missing relatives will take a look at this and maybe put a couple of the pieces together and get that information to us so we can follow up on it.”

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